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PC Repair - I can replace faulty components on your computer and diagnose otherfaults that may have gone unnoticed. After diagnosis replacement parts can usually be installed the next working day.
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PC Upgrade - Is your PC running slowly? If so it may be necessary to upgrade some of your computer's components. Installing a faster processor and bigger memory can greatly improve the speed of your computer. Using expert knowledge I can advise you on the best way to upgrade your PC.
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PC Tune Up - Sometimes a slow running PC may not be the fault of old components. Often an operating system becomes "clogged" with old temporary files and errors that slow your computer's performance. By carrying out an extensive list of tweaks and fixes the speed of your PC can be grealty improved.
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PC Reboot - Sometimes the best course of action for a slow PC is simply to start afresh and re-install a computer's operating system. The data on your hard drive is backed up before wiping it clean and re-installing your operating system.

Virus/Spyware Removal and Protection - The security of data on your computer is incredibly important. More often than not users are completely unaware of viruses and spyware that are lurking on their systems. At First4Comptuers we can remove viruses and spyware and install software to protect against future attacks. It is important your system is free of viruses and spyware so that you have complete peace of mind when browsing the internet, particularly regarding e-commerce transactions.
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Windows 7 and 8 Upgrades - Take advantage of Microsoft's latest operating systems and unleash the power of Windows 7 or 8. I can install Windows 7 or 8 on your current PC without losing old files and settings. I take your PC away, install the new software and return it to you the next day!
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Wireless Network Installation- Wireless networking is the must have technology for home and office users. It saves a huge labour effort of installing network cables throughout a house or office whilst giving users the ability to roam with a laptop or mobile device. I can install a wireless network to suit your needs and apply security protocols to keep it protected from unwanted users.
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Broadband Setup - Have you recently bought a broadband Internet connection and aren't sure how to set it up? I can set it up for you quickly and easily. Alternatively I can also offer advice on the best broadband packages for your area.
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Custom built PCs - At First 4 Computers I can build you a PC to your specifications. I also offer a competitive range of PCs from budget to high end.
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Silent PC Specialist - Is your PC excessively noisy? I can make your PC near silent by installing better quality hardware.
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Tuition - Need help using your PC? I can help you learn how to get the best out of your computer with simple 1-on-1 tuition.
1st Hour: 40, 20 for each additional half hour

And More! - If there's anything that I haven't covered above but you think I will be able to help

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